What Does it mean to be Blood Bought

Blood Bought Church

It’s all in the name. Have you ever seen the movie. “The Passion”? Our Christian faith is founded on a bloody cross where our Savior, God’s only begotten Son died a horrible, slow, painful death. At Blood Bought Church our name says what we believe. What does the name on your church say? The church today has worked hard to make our message palatable that we no longer have a message. The plain fact of the matter is, God sent us his only son to save us and we rejected and brutally murdered him, and it is this same Jesus that we will stand before at the eternal judgement. The world lies in imminent danger of eternal fire, and we are trying to lure them in with coffee and donuts. Are we crazy?

     Jesus said “Go Preach” and “he that  believes and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believes not shall be damned.”

     He gave his life a ransom for many. Jesus redeemed and purchased us with his own life’s Blood, we are Blood Bought Church.

     Where have all the men gone? Is the whole church wearing skirts? Give Me a man and I’ll make him a preacher.

     Blood bought Church, It’s all in the name.


                                                                  Pastor Gary B. Rutter